My love affair with the kitchen blossomed at a very young age. At age twelve, I became the proud owner of a perfectly pastel yellow Kitchen Aid Mixmaster, a cookbook-adorned shelf and oddly amusing contraptions ranging from ice cream makers to sushi kits.

I practiced as a kid, transforming “playtime” with my sister Julia into pretend cooking shows. Imagine a twelve-year-old and toddler performing in the kitchen with ingredients flying left and right. Our sous chef, Sheril (my mother), was assigned the duty of clean-up crew. We are still very grateful for her selflessness in and out of the kitchen.

Through Caramelized, I have combined my appreciation for food, entertaining, and writing as a journal of everyday experiences in Memphis and around the globe. By practicing public relations by day at DCA, I simultaneously strive to communicate my passions with a relationship-driven approach. My ultimate goal behind each post is to build a connection with readers and restauranteurs alike. We all share a passion for food, right? So why not express it with a full heart in a relaxed, engaging style?

Read (and eat) your heart out with me.



WHAT I WORE :: Rag & Bone Boot | White Silk Blouse | J Brand Jeans | Hannah Claire Designs
photo by victoria haas

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